Heroes @ The Halley Academy

All Key Stage 3 and 4 students at The Halley Academy have taken part in Humanutopia "Who Am I?" workshops throughout 2018.

The workshops centred on students’ personal development and consisted of 15 unique challenges, creating a safe space for students to stop and reflect on their lives to date.  Students were provided with opportunities to consider the influences of others, peer pressure and the culture of conformity. They were encouraged to reflect on their attitude, behaviour and impact on others and given an opportunity to discover their authentic self, considering where their true potential may lie and how their futures could look.

We now have a group of trained Year 10 Heroes who are helping our Year 7 students with their transition from Primary School.  They meet with them every week to support and mentor them in all areas of academy life.  The Heroes intervene quickly if there are any challenges and celebrate their achievements.  By July 2019, all Year 7 students will have been peer mentored by our team of Year 10 Heroes. 

In addition, 30 Year 9 students have been trained by Humanutopia as 'Heroes' and have worked with Year 4 students from Eastcote Primary School and our Year 7 students to hone their skills. They will continue to work during the year to develop and lead an independent student leadership project, focusing on mentoring and community schemes.  Their first task will be mentoring our Year 8 students.

If you would like more information about Humanutopia and the work they are doing here at The Halley Academy, please contact Ms Williamson (Assistant Principal) on