Year 10

Year 10 - Summer Learning Projects

At the end of this term, we have launched Summer Learning Projects for all subjects that will support the learning of students during the break as well as prepare them for their return to full-time schooling in September. These projects will be set on the Google Classroom pages for each subject, can be completed at students’ own pace and time during the summer break, and should be submitted on Google Classroom by Tuesday 1st September. We look forward to celebrating the efforts of students in completing these projects at the start of the new academic year. More information about each of these projects can be found below. 


Project Overview


Students will be learning about how to create an exam response to the GCSE exam theme of ‘Broken’. In preparation, students will need to mindmap their ideas for the theme of ‘Broken’, take photographs on the theme, draw and paint from the photographs, make a virtual gallery visit, make artist presentations and produce a final design drawing.

Creative I-Media 

Students will have the opportunity to review their pre production skills in preparation for their exam. They are to work through the list of topics in a table with particular focus on topics they are least confident in and new topics. 


Students will carry on working on component 3 - “responding to a brief”. They will be using their image and ideas generated from previously completed tasks  to continue to plan how they will respond to the brief 'Diversity in our Community'. 


Students are working through a series of activities on their set text for Section B of the GCSE Drama written exam on ‘Blood Brothers’. This is an opportunity for them to refresh their memory on the play, its context, characters, themes as well as design concept. 


Students will be completing Assignment 1b, where students will be redesigning an existing product. They will need to follow the design process to provide a final design proposal. 


This project will help students prepare for reading An Inspector Calls in Year 11, by giving them a better understanding of the various contextual ideas needed to fully explore the text. In addition, it will provide an opportunity for them to practise research, revision, comprehension, analysis and writing skills. 


This in-depth revision booklet will ensure students have fully embedded their learning from this year. Students will practise key exam skills and consolidate their understanding of the key tenses.


This summer our Year 10 geographers will be preparing for their first module back of Year 11. This is focused on their unit about Weather, Climate and Ecosystem. Their first task will require them to research the key facts about tropical cyclones, understand the difference between low and high pressure systems and explain how they form. The second task is more research based; they will create an engaging presentation about a tropical cyclone/hurricane of their choice, explaining the key causes, effects and responses to these extreme weather events around the world. 


Students will be recapping their learning of Weimar and Nazi Germany. They will have to complete at least one task from a menu of interactive and informative tasks on ‘Read’, ‘Watch’ and ‘Do’, introducing students to a range of articles, podcasts, documentaries and research based activities. 


This project will consist of 2 parts. The first is an investigation into spotting and describing patterns mathematically, developing and testing hypotheses and at the highest levels developing algebraic proof.  The second part of their summer project consists of a variety of revision tasks linked to the topics they have studied this year.


Students will be researching different parts of the music industry and the different processes that occur within different sectors of the industry. Students will be also developing their research and presentation skills during the course of their project. 


Students will start working on reviewing their own performance as part of Unit RO52. They will analyse weaknesses and strengths of their performance in their chosen sport/skill and consider practice methods to address most of the areas and skills where improvement is needed. Students are also going to understand how to plan for improvement and how to measure it. 


This project will be helping students prepare for Year 10 study through the research and creation of presentations on topics such as respiration, metabolism, gas pressure, isotopes, blood and electricity. 


This in-depth revision booklet will ensure students have fully embedded their learning from this year. Students will practise key exam skills and consolidate their understanding of the key tenses.


This project will see students revisit what they have learned over the last two years in preparation for their GCSEs. They will be provided with two booklets: Booklet 1 - Family and Education and Booklet 2 - Crime and deviance and Social stratification.  The first few tasks are research based; students need to know key sociologists, the perspective they belong to and why they are known in their field. Having worked through the booklets students should be able to answer the 12 mark question at the end of each topic.