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March 20th 2017

Explorer Louisa Potts returns to Corelli College!

Louisa Potts, ex Corelli student, explorer and collector of strange objects and interesting oddities has been on an epic and life changing adventure to find a brass telescope. 

Even when she was a student Louisa liked to collect things. Where people saw junk, Louisa saw treasure. 

Hello everyone! I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you. What a relief it is to be here, alive, and in one piece.  I have just been on the most terrifying, exciting journey of my ENTIRE LIFE!

Louisa had heard the whisperings of a shipwreck on a remote island in the Caribbean Sea. In amongst it all was a brass telescope. Louisa set off in search of the brass telescope in her aeroplane. And then…she disappeared off the map. In her absence, the cabinet has mysteriously arrived at primary schools and museums this term. The oddities have been the source of inspiration for children and adults alike. Both students and teachers have been able to marvel at the odd, the unique and the strange as they meet 'collectors'; fanatical seekers of the unusual who have travelled the planet to seek out the most intriguing and unique objects.

The majestic and mystifying Cabinet of Oddities and Curiosities has inspired curiosity and sparked children's imaginations for writing newspaper articles, riddles and haikus using their imagination, drama and storytelling.

We have all wanted to keep Louisa’s curious spirit alive and pledge our own oddities to the cabinet until her safe return.  So, on our final celebration day at Corelli College, much to our excitement, Louisa Potts returned.  There were so many questions to ask.  It was a beautiful celebration of creative work, the beguiling cabinet and all the new adventures that now exist in it. 

The entire creative process has been a dynamic learning platform for primary school students and we hope will generate many more adventures to come. Each school pledged their own special significant objects to the cabinet and both students and teachers presented their writing and special achievements.  Students received a special vintage button to start own future collections.  

A big thank you to Mulgrave, Plumcroft, Henwick and Christchurch Primary Schools for embracing Louisa's Cabinet of Oddities and Curiosities.  



Written by S Slocombe

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