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March 24th 2017

Yr. 7 Celebration of Achievement

The Yr.7 Celebration of Achievement Ceremony was an opportunity to congratulate all the hard work achieved by our year 7 students in front of their peers teachers and parents.  

We recognised and celebrated the good progress our year 7 students have made since January 2017 in our second Year 7 Celebration of Achievement Assembly, on Friday 24 March 2017. Each community speaker nominated to address the attending parents spoke well, with confidence and maturity.

The vast majority of the students have made good progress and received medals as well as certificates commending them for upholding our co-operative values. Three students received the Principal's Award for outstanding progress, attendance and behaviour.

One boy and one girl from each subject area also received an award for demonstrating self-responsibility. It was heartening to see how seriously the students took the awards and their pride when collecting their awards.

We anticipate celebrating even more success in the final Celebration of Achievement Assembly of the year.


Written by S Slocombe

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