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March 24th 2017

World Poetry Day

On World Poetry day, performance poet Paul Lyalls treated Corelli students to a phenomenal and engaging assembly.   

Students in Yr.7 and Yr.8 received workshops in creative and clever devices to write their own poetry.  The students were instantly engaged in Paul’s fun and quirky style.  They also listened to some of Paul’s favourite poetry and had the opportunity to ask him interesting questions as to why and who inspired him to become a poet.  

"My World Poetry Day was made all the bit more special by the fantastic welcome and response I got from an 1300 strong pupil /teacher assembly show - a great audience that laughed at all the right moments.  I loved meeting and working directly with lots of different students throughout the day - seeing some great poems being born.  However they did fail to give me the jar of honey they said I could have - apparently the bees they keep, were also writing poetry as it was World Poetry Day - but on the whole, one way or another it was a buzzing day!"

Paul Lyalls March 2017

Written by S Slocombe

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