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January 5th 2017

Sixth Formers interview a real Lord

Two of our Year 12 students, Simona Lukoseviciute and Catherine Chuong, have demonstrated just how determined and pro-active they are. A key requirement of their Extended Project is to collate comprehensive research data for their final qualification in June.

Simona & Catherine with Lord McNally at HoPThe students contacted Lord McNally - Chair of the Youth Justice Board - requesting an interview in support of their research and data gathering.  The peer replied almost immediately and accepted their request for an interview.

On Friday 9th December 2016  Catherine and Simona met with Lord McNally at The Palace of Westminster. Their focused and incisive questions investigated ‘Factors influencing Youth Crime’ and ‘Can being a prisoner in the UK affect your mental health?’ Lord McNally responded with interest and enthusiasm.

Lord McNally reports to The Secretary of State for Justice and is responsible for reviewing the Youth Boards Strategic Directions. His experience and expertise have proven invaluable for the two students and they were thrilled to be able to visit such an important and historic institution.