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May 4th 2017

French visit to the Opal Coast

Twenty five lucky Corelli students spent four days on France’s Opal Coast as part of their Languages and Humanities curriculum.  This provided valuable opportunities for them to practise their French in the real world and to visit key sites from the German occupation in World War One, including at Vimy Ridge and Arras.

The trip was a great success, and we are delighted to say that pupils demonstrated excellent engagement with all elements of the trip.  Some were visibly moved by the memorials to British and Canadian troops, while others have made huge advancements in terms of both their skill and their confidence when speaking French.  Furthermore, they demonstrated how well-attuned they are with our values of independence, solidarity and self-help; many of the older students actively supported the younger ones – many of whom were staying away from home for the first time – and all pupils seizing every chance to use and further their knowledge and understanding.



Written by S Slocombe

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