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August 24th 2017

Corelli Celebrates GCSE Success

Corelli College Co-operative Academy students and staff have once again been celebrating success in GCSE results.  Many students and subject areas have achieved a really successful set of grades a week after similar success at A Level.

Many subjects had outstanding A* - C grade headlines, in particular Computer Studies, Media, Drama, Photography, Physics, Sociology, Biology, Music Technology and Chemistry. 

‘I am so proud of the staff and students at Corelli College, these results are a credit to the dedication and hard work of all of the students and staff at our academy.  I wish all of the students every success in their next steps.’

The staff were able to celebrate with some notable high achievers including Saadia Cumar (1A**3A*5A), Monika Szulc (1A**1A*7A), Sarah Alabi (1A**1A*5A), Jekaterina Sinakova (4A*6A), Alawey Rizgalla, (1A*8A), Mollie Osborne (2A*4A), Amosh Balami (1A**3A) Aashish Shresthra (3A*) and Prabha Sapoka (1A*).

Ruthanne Straughan, Chair of Governors, congratulated the students and staff, ‘This is such a great set of results for our students, especially to be in the top 3% of the country for some students in English and Maths with grade 9 scores.  It is fantastic to see some of our female students performing so well in Maths and males achieving highly in English.  Well done to everyone’.

Sharron Humphrey, Associate Principal

Written by S Humphrey

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