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March 1st 2018

The Halley Social Action Group

The Halley Academy Social Action Group presented their concerns around violence against women and girls and misogyny to the Greenwich Citizens UK Delegates Assembly. 

This assembly happens annually and all of the members of the alliance have an opportunity to present their issue.  As a democratic alliance for community organising, all members then vote for the top two or three issues that will be taken on as a campaign by Greenwich Citizens UK.  The Halley Academy students did an incredible job presenting their concerns to members of the 60 strong audience. They were passionate, polished and professional in their presentation, moving many of the audience to tears and received the highest number of votes.

This means that the students will receive further support in developing their campaign in the Academy and will have the opportunity to drive community organising across Greenwich Citizens UK.  There will be an opportunity for the group to deliver at the London Assembly in April, where our students could be holding major decision makers to account.  

Congratulations for demonstrating true leadership skills and a sophisticated understanding of how to gain support through democratic processes.  



Written by S Slocombe

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