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July 4th 2018

Halley campaign for Metropolitan Police to make Misogyny a hate crime.

The Halley Academy's Social Action Group and community leaders from Citizens UK delivered a giant card asking Chief Superintendent Simon Dobinson to back the call to make misogyny a hate crime in London, following in the footsteps of Nottingham and five other police forces who have adopted the policy.

The campaign has been led by our students after some of the students had personal experience of abuse, simply for being women. With the support of Citizens UK students were joined at Lewisham Police Station by leaders from civil society alliance, London citizens, local church and Ravensbourne University leaders. ITV London, the Evening Standard and The South London Press covered the story and the pivotal moment when our students asked Police leaders to recognise and vote yes for misogyny to become a hate crime.

The Halley Academy’s Social Action Group is made up of boys and girls and the students are passionate about campaigning to make change happen.  The group drew Greenwich Citizens attention to the issue of violence against women and have inspired dozens of community leaders to take action around this issue.

Citizens UK works to build the power of communities to act together on issues of social justice and the common good. 

In 2014 Nottinghamshire Police became the first police force in the country to start recording misogyny hate crime and a crucial vote is being held next week at the National Police Chief’s Council to decide whether misogyny will be recorded as a hate crime in all 46 English and Welsh forces.


My name is Sophie and I have a dream.

I have a dream that one day no female will feel unsafe because of their gender.

I have a dream my daughters and my sisters can wear what they want without being objectified.

I have a dream we will live in a community where sexual assault is a scary story of the past.

I have a dream where my female friends are not always at a disadvantage.

I have a dream I will one day not be scared to walk alone.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a dream...

ITV London

South London Press

If you would like more information about the Social Action Group at The Halley Academy, please email Ms Williamson - Assistant Principal at

Written by S Slocombe

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