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October 17th 2018

Social Action Group

The Social Action Group at The Halley Academy

The Halley Academy works in collaboration with Citizens UK to develop young people into community leaders capable of engaging with their fellow students and wider community, and taking action to create meaningful change.

The students engage in a journey of conducting research to find out what the community needs and ways in which to change it. They apply practical tools to understand and create change, such as one-to-one meetings, negotiation, power analysis, public speaking, planning and taking action, among others.

In the last year alone, The Halley Academy student leaders spoke in multiple assemblies to gain community support to tackle misogyny and violence towards women and girls. In six months they told their story and took action on our council leaders, the Borough Commander, and the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on hate crime. Their actions directly informed a law review that was discussed in Parliament. They have developed outstanding leadership skills and have opened the door to justice for thousands of people. They have been featured in ITV News, The Evening Standard, The South London Press and The Mercury; and recently met the Chief Detective to explore how the police and The Halley Academy student leaders can work together for a safer Greenwich.  

On 29th November 2018, The Halley Academy Social Action group will be attending the Mayoral Assembly at Southwark Cathedral where they will present their campaign to Sadiq Khan, London’s Mayor and ask him to make misogyny and violence towards women and a hate crime.

If you would like more information about the Social Action Group and the work that it does, or you are interesting in joining please see Ms Williamson, Assistant Principal (


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