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October 17th 2018


During September and October 2018, our Year 7 and Year 9 students have all taken part in 'Who Am I?' workshops with Humanutopia.


The workshops centred on students’ personal development and consisted of 15 unique challenges, creating a safe space for students to stop and reflect on their lives to date.  Students were provided with opportunities to consider the influences of others, peer pressure and the culture of conformity. They were encouraged to reflect on their attitude, behaviour and impact on others and given an opportunity to discover their authentic self, considering where their true potential may lie and how their futures could look.

Following last year’s workshops, our students completed a social impact survey:

92% of students now feel more positive and optimistic about their future

90% of students now feel they can become a more responsible person

88% of students said the day inspired them to make the most of their education

This year, the results for the Year 7 Social Impact Measurement are particularly pleasing in the 'hope' and 'happiness' categories.  95% of students said that after their day with the Humanutopia team they felt inspired to make the most of their education, and 91% said they now feel happier about school and life in general.

To view these results in full please click here.

To view the results for the Year 9 Social Impact Measurement please click here.

Our ongoing partnership with Humanutopia will help our students to:

• modify and/or improve their own behaviour

• understand other people's behaviour

• care more deeply about other people

• want to try harder in their education to improve their grades

• feel more positive about their future  

• make new friendships

We now have a team of 35 Year 10 Heroes who are peer mentoring our Year 7 students.  From Module 3 a team of 30 Year 9 Heroes will be peer mentoring Year 8 students.

If you would like more information about Humanutopia and the work that they do with our students please see Ms Williamson, Assistant Principal (



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