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    November 12th 2018

    Anti-Bullying Conference

    The Halley Academy Social Action Group were invited to deliver workshops to Year 5 and Year 6 students at the Borough's Annual Anti-Bullying Conference on 12th November. Yasmin Udafemeh, Sophie Smith, Gabriel Eminike, Shaj Smithen and Tristan Arizini presented three workshops on the theme of 'Choose Respect' as part of The Halley Social Action Group and worked with students from Morden Mount, Cardwell, Gordon and Woodhill primary schools. They have returned with a 'Wall of Respect' (please see photos), and will develop this further as part of their campaign to make misogyny and violence towards women and girls a hate crime. As a result of these workshops, they have already been invited to deliver a whole-school assembly around the theme of respect at one of the primary schools we worked with.

    As ever, they were a credit to The Halley Academy - polished and professional at all times - we may have some future teachers in the group! 

    If you would like more information about The Social Action Group or the Anti-Bullying Conference, please email Ms Williamson, Assistant Principal at

    Vickie Williamson

    Assistant Principal

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