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March 21st 2019

The Halley Academy Social Action Group visit Gordon Primary School

Following their success at the borough anti-bullying conference in November, The Halley Academy Social Action group were invited to Gordon Primary School in Eltham to deliver an assembly to over 120 Year 5 and Year 6 students followed by a workshop on Wednesday 20 March.

The group delivered an assembly focused on how we can all choose respect and prevent others from being bullied, as well as explaining the impact bullying can have on victims in later life. 

Immediately after the assembly, The Halley Academy Social Action Group led a workshop with a group of Year five students. The primary school students were split into small groups and worked together to discuss and decide on their own definition of respect, creating a 'Respect Wall'. Following this, the Year 5 students had the opportunity to create a dramatic piece which demonstrated bullying behaviour and they then discussed how to report and prevent bullying. 

The Halley Academy Social Action Group were very impressed with how well the Year 5 students engaged with the workshop.

'I loved the acting' (Scott - Gordon Primary School)

'It made me understand how important it is to work together to prevent bullying from a young age'  (Tate - Gordon Primary School)

Congratulations to The Halley Academy Social Action Group who demonstrated our values of respect and integrity, ensuring that the primary school students enjoyed the workshop and were able to explain how they would prevent bullying in the future.

Gordon Primary School have invited The Halley Academy Social Action Group to work with them again, and we look forward to continuing to develop our partnership.

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