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January 31st 2020

Humanutopia at The Halley Academy

At the end of January 2020, the Humanutopia team worked with our students over the course of three days. On the first day, our Year 9 students took part in a 'Who Am I Now?' workshop with the Humanutopia team. This was an opportunity for them to reflect on their academic and personal development journey since they experienced the "Who am I?' workshop in Year 7. At the end of the workshop, 45 of our Year 9 students applied to become 'Halley's Heroes' and be trained in peer-mentoring skills the following day. 

During the peer-mentor training session, the new 'Halley's Heroes' developed and honed skills in communication, problem solving, collaboration, respect and resilience, in line with the academy's values. For the afternoon session, the 'Halley's Heroes' received a surprise visit from Year 5 and Year 6 students at Kidbrooke Park Primary School to practise their new skills. Staff from the Primary School told us that the children had an enjoyable visit to The Halley Academy.  “They returned to their class teachers buzzing” and saying they really wanted to go here now.  Halley’s Heroes Cara, Christian and Tabitha “worked hard at taking turns as leaders and ensuring that each Year 5 child in the group was included.  Once again the Halley’s Heroes represented their school well”.  

On the final day, Year 7 took part in a 'Who Am I?' workshop which was delivered by the Humanutopia team and the newly trained Year 9 'Halley's Heroes'. Many of our Year 7 students had already experienced the HARmony Summer Transition Camp which was planned and led by our Year 10 and Year 11 'Halley's Heroes' so this workshop was an opportunity to reflect on their transition to secondary education and improve confidence, resilience and independence, with a focus on collaborative partnerships. This is especially relevant for our Year 7 students as they continue to develop the IB Learner Profile attributes through the Middle Years Programme. 

Please congratulate our new Year 9 'Halley's Heroes' who will be working with our current Year 7 students and our new cohort arriving in September 2020:

Maja I, Lucie-Jo W, Issa C, Ciera H, Rafaela N, Lillie V, Giulia D, Ketsia N, Sanda K, Daisy T, Gabriella H, Federica D, Larisa B, Ayse R, Melissa B, Fiyin E, Juanita A, Destiny C, Tabatha U, Maddie V, Sarah S, Katie-Louise S, Angelina L, Tayler-J G, Gabriel B M, Jake B, Olivia M, Frankie M, Shannon S, Cara N, Christian J, Giulia L, Cuben F, Connor M and Carlie A.

Student feedback from the workshops has been fantastic.  This is what some of our students said:

“I felt innovated; I felt inspired; I felt encouraged.”

“They helped me be more determined.”

“I liked how we got to interact with other people.”

“I felt happy today, the Heroes were very kind”

If you would like more information about the 'Halley's Heroes' and their peer-mentoring independent student leadership project, please contact Ms Williamson (


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