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January 27th 2017

London Youth Games Dance Competition

Corelli College hosted Royal Greenwich Borough’s London Youth Games Dance Competition by Exercise Move Dance on the 27th January.

The competition is split into two categories - KS3 and KS4/Mixed. Corelli students created dance pieces with a range of styles, effective costume and special effects makeup to enhance their theme of a scary nightmare, complete with clowns, dolls and skeletons. The dances are marked on their choreography, performance skill, costume and style and overall impact.  Corelli College gained predominantly 9/10 for both pieces.

Corelli College came 2nd in both categories and only 3 points from 1st position. Judges were impressed with the energy the students brought to the stage and the overall creativity of the pieces.

Congratulations to Thomas Moore Secondary School for winning both categories.   

Written by S Slocombe

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