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February 7th 2017

Cabinet of Oddities & Curiosities during Half Term

The Cabinet of Oddities and Curiosities is an interactive installation for primary schools in Greenwich and has been a labour of love. Both students and teachers can marvel at the odd, the unique and the strange as they meet 'collectors'; fanatical seekers of the unusual who have travelled the planet to seek out the most intriguing and unique objects. These oddities occupy The Cabinet, inspiring curiosity and sparking children's imaginations for writing, drama and storytelling.

During half term, families, childminders and 'Supergrans' were able to explore the cabinet, listen to the objects come alive through the magic of wireless headphones, and also make their own Curiosity Boxes.

The cabinet was on display at Greenwich Heritage Centre, The National Maritime Museum and Charlton House.

I just wanted to tell you how much my granddaughter and her friend (both aged 5) and I enjoyed your Cabinet of Oddities and Curiosities.

What an amazing thing! Full of history and surprises, engaging young and old alike. Being allowed to touch and examine the artefacts for ourselves was unusual and exciting...unleashing the imagination to write tales and adventures of all its contents.

I would highly recommend a visit and experience this ..

We loved it!

Super gran and Poppy

Written by S Slocombe

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